Summer BBQ

Protect Your Drains From Summer Barbecues

If you are planning a fun barbecue this summer, you likely have plenty of tasty foods in mind. Keep in mind, however, that some barbecue foods clog drains and cause other plumbing problems you want to avoid.

Some people don’t know about the problem until they notice that their drains no longer work well, and you don’t want to put yourself in that position if you can help it. Keep yourself and your drains safe with these simple tips. Doing so saves you money on plumbing repairs and lets you make the most of your cookout.

Foods to Avoid Putting in Your Drain

The downside of a big, messy barbecue cookout is the post-meal clean-up. It’s tempting to scrape plates off into the sink and wash down the leftovers. However, this puts your drain at risk of a serious clog. Even your garbage disposal isn’t an option for certain foods, such as bones. Keep these foods out of your sink:

  • Barbecue Ribs

  • Corn Husks

  • Baked Beans

  • Potato skins

  • Macaroni salads (any kinds of pasta, really)

The danger with these foods is that they contain oils, starches, and grease that get stuck in your drains and clog them over time. You might not notice anything right away, but these foods can build up and cause problems in the future if you are not careful. Overcome the issue by placing barbecue foods in a garbage bag instead of your garbage disposal. This simple tip goes a long way to keep your plumbing out of harm's way.

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