Gas pipe against a brick wall

Dangers of a Hidden Gas Leak

When the chill of winter starts to hit, most households in the US will turn on a furnace to get warm. Nearly half of all Americans use natural gas to heat their homes. Many also use gas to heat their water. Natural gas is a relatively cheap and reliable source of energy, but there can be a major problem that can come with using natural gas.


Pipes bring natural gas into your home. These pipes can leak, and the gas can fill up your home before it gets used for its intended purpose. Natural gas gives off the smell of rotten eggs, and it can cause a couple of major problems.


Like other gases that are not intended for human consumption, breathing in natural gas can lead to some serious health problems.

Your body is intended to run off of oxygen, and natural gas can starve your lungs of the oxygen you need. In extreme instances, a gas leak can lead to extreme fatigue or chest pains. In rare instances, gas leaks can also lead to death via asphyxia.


Natural gas is highly flammable. If it leaks into your home, a small spark could lead to a major problem. If you smell natural gas, avoid plugs and light switches. Simple tasks like plugging in an appliance or turning on a lamp could lead to a major fire or an explosion. If you get a whiff of that rotten egg smell, you'll want to call for help immediately to take care of the problem.

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