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If you believe you have a gas leak in your home or on your property, the first thing you should do is immediately leave the area. Once you have safely removed yourself from your property, contact your local gas provider and request to have the gas shut off. This is incredibly important for your own safety and the safety of anyone else on the property.

Next, contact Rooter Warrior Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for fast and reliable gas line repairs in Riverside or the nearby areas. Our professional gas line experts can quickly find and repair any gas leaks. Additionally, we provide comprehensive gas line installation services to customers throughout the area. Whether you have an emergency gas leak situation or need to install new gas-powered appliances, Rooter Warrior Plumbing can help.

Give us a call at (951) 476-1627 today to schedule your service. We are available for emergency gas line repairs in Riverside.

Types of Gas Appliances We Install

Our plumbers in Riverside are fully trained and experienced in the safe and proper installation of all types of natural gas-powered appliances.

We can help you install gas lines for the following:

  • Water heaters
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Clothes dryers
  • Barbecues and grills
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Patio heaters
  • Fire pits
  • Gas fireplaces

When conducting gas line installations in Riverside, Corona, or the nearby areas, we ensure that everything is done properly and in compliance with all safety regulations for your peace of mind. We are committed to your complete satisfaction and proudly stand behind the quality of all our work.

Reasons Your Home May Need A New Gas Line Installed

1. You are making a major renovation to your home. If you are remodeling or expanding your home, it is likely that you will need a new gas line installed in order to accommodate any additional appliances or fixtures that require gas.

2. You have recently moved into a new home, and need to install a new gas line. Most homes come with existing gas lines, but if the home you have moved into does not, you may need to install one in order to use certain appliances or fixtures.

3. You are replacing an old gas line that is outdated or damaged. Over time, gas lines can become corroded or worn down due to age and exposure to the elements. If you suspect that your current gas line is compromised in any way, it is important to call a professional and have them inspect the line before attempting to use it.

4. You are installing a new appliance that requires natural gas. Appliances such as furnaces and water heaters require natural gas to function properly, and if your home does not have a gas line, you will need to install one in order to use these appliances.

5. You are adding a new outdoor or indoor feature that requires natural gas. Outdoor fireplaces, grills, and even indoor fire pits may require natural gas connections in order to be used safely and efficiently. If your home does not have the right type of gas line installed, you may need to hire a professional to install one.

By understanding why you may need a new gas line installed in your home, you can be sure that you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure your safety and the proper functioning of any appliances or features connected to natural gas. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to consult with the professionals at Rooter Warrior Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. We are experts at gas line installation in Riverside!

Affordable Gas Line Services in Riverside CA

We understand the importance of gas line repairs and installations you can trust; we not only provide high-quality gas line services, but we also are committed to making our services as affordable as possible. We are proud to offer a number of plumbing coupons and specials, including a 15% discount for military and first responders.

Need gas line repair or installation in Riverside? Call Rooter Warrior Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at (951) 476-1627 or contact us online to book an appointment now!


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